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6 Benefits of Gasoline vs. Diesel Medium-Duty Trucks

New Fuso Gasoline GM V8 6 Litre

1. Easier, more productive operation

Many Fuso truck owners just like you run businesses that have little to do with trucking and want

it to stay that way.  No need to manage exhaust gas regeneration events on a complex emissions

system, no need to verify emission fluid level or worry about a potentially clogged diesel particulate filter.   You just drive and do what you do best: serve your customers.  

2. Less complex emissions technology needed

EPA regulations issued for diesel powered trucks have become more and more stringent.  While this 

is great for our environment, every emission level increases the complexity of the diesel engines.

On a modern diesel, a urea-based solution needs to be injected into a catalyst to control nitrogen oxide emissions and filters are needed to trap ash and diesel particulates.  That's one more injection system that needs to be monitored, plus additional filters that need to be cleaned or replaced so they

don't jeopardize the truck's uptime or your business.

3. Lower maintenance Costs

A gasoline-powered work truck typically yields overall lower maintenance costs within its lifetime.

According to research conducted by, the maintenance cost for diesel engines is typically more expensive compared to gasoline-powered trucks.  Factors sited in the article include:  

emission system maintainence and turbocharger issues to name a few.   The cooling system on a gas 

truck works less because ignition in the engine is generated by spark plugs.  Diesel engines ignite by compression, which requires a lot of heat generation for the fuel to light up.  On a diesel, all that heat needs to be managed by the cooling liquid, radiator and engine oil that leads to additional costs. 

4. Easier and better Serviceability

Mitsubishi Fuso uses a proven, reliable and well-known General Motors, V8 gasoline engine platform  that mechanics everywhere are familiar with.  While your Fuso dealer knows your Mitsubishi Fuso truck best with specially trained technicians and is best equipped to service it, you might ocassionaly need help on the road.  Remember, your first ten oil changes are free during the 5 Year/75,000 mile limited powertrain warranty and even the Allison automatic transmission is covered by Fuso.

5. Lower acquisition cost

Simply put, gasoline-powered medium-duty  trucks tend to cost less from the get-go over comparable diesel trucks. This makes them easier to acquire and start a fleet for your growing company.

6. Higher payload and profitability

Unless you are going cross-country, chances are you simply don't need a diesel engine.  Diesel

engines operate under much higher pressure than their gasoline counterparts & require more material

to build them.  At equal displacement, a diesel engine is significantly heavier than a gas engine.  

Being lighter, a gas engine allows you to carry more payload and maximize your profits.

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